Parish Mission Action Plan

Brockenhurst Parish Church

Mission Action Plan 2015 -2018

Growing as a Christ Centred Community - Living the Mission of Jesus


At the Diocesan Synod Conference in September 2013 four Strategic Priorities for Mission were agreed. These set the agenda for the work of the Diocese over the next 3 years and can be found on the Diocesan website.

Each Deanery in the Diocese has produced a three year action plan for Mission, using these priorities. These are called dMAPs (also on the website).

This summer, each Parish or Benefice will produce their own Parish Plan which in turn links into the Deanery Plan. These are known as Parish MAPs, or pMAPs, again based on the four strategic priorities.

Our PCC has discussed the four Strategic Priorities in conjunction with the Deanery Mission Action plan (dMAP). As a result we have produced the following Parish Plan (pMAP). It is not set in stone but a living document which will change over time. We believe it will enable us to “Live the Mission of Jesus” together.

Revd Neil Smart

On behalf of the PCC

This Mission Action Plan acknowledges all that is already happening within our Parish that is effectively reaching out with God’s love to those around us. But we long to build more of the Kingdom of God in our community and see lives set free from the chains that bind them.

Growing Authentic Disciples


We will seek to become a more caring and committed church where all people are loved and included. We aim to be known as a place where all will be welcomed and able to belong. In all our relationships we will model the compassion and hospitality of the early church.

We believe that for all people our faith grows when we trust in God and place him at the centre of our lives.  Often our faith develops through difficult situations and doubts, we want to support and encourage each other through these times, rather than leave ‘real life’ at the door of the church.  

We will continue to develop and grow our ‘age appropriate’ teaching and create opportunities for children and young people (C&YP) to feel included in services where there is not a ‘targeted’ teaching.  We will see more conversations happening between different age groups, where ‘real life’ is shared, prayed for and we encourage answers to prayer to be shared.

To make this happen we will:

Ensure that all church members are encouraged to join a home group.

Reintroduce discipleship courses through Going Deeper.

Deepen accountability for all church members by encouraging mentors and prayer partnerships.

Continue to build confidence in sharing faith with others.

Explore together the implications of Sticky Faith in the life of our church, for more details see our church website or

Allow Sticky conversations to provide opportunities in AAW and Café church services to have conversations about our doubts and difficulties.

Measurable Outcomes

  • See Home Group membership increase to 120 people. This is roughly 60% of our worshipping community.
  • Hold three short discipleship courses each year through Going Deeper.
  • Hold a spiritual listening course for those thinking about prayer partnerships and mentoring. This material should be available for the whole church. Appoint two coordinators for mentoring and prayer partnerships within the Prayer Team.
  • Develop an understanding of Sticky Faith by summer of 2016. Purchase three copies of Sticky Faith for our church library and develop the ideas through a sermon series for the whole church.
  • Share our 100 word stories in services and develop a booklet of these stories to increase awareness and encourage others.
  • See a 10% increase in numbers of families and children by 2017
  • Ensure that all our regular church members are more comfortable and confident in sharing their faith.
  • Appoint two C&YP champions who are involved in championing C&YP in all aspects of the wider life of the church.
  • Hold searching issues evenings where we engage as a whole church with the difficult questions e.g. why suffering, aren’t all religions the same?

    Re-Imagining Church


    We will work to make sure that all ages and sections of our community can connect with God through our worship services.

    We will work to make sure that all ages and sections of our community can connect with God through our worship services. We believe that the good news of Jesus is for everyone, including those outside the church, we will look at ways in which we will continue to engage with families in worship – who are underrepresented in our congregations through Messy Church.

    To make this happen we will:

    Work better with other local churches in our group, cluster and deanery.

    Support and develop an increased connection between Messy Church services and Sunday worship.

    Continue a varied pattern of worship in both churches which encourages active and not passive church members.

    Look at the idea of a Sticky gospel – C&Y team to review how we currently engage with families in our wider community, what resources we have to have formulated an action plan of how best to engage with families in our wider community.

    Encourage all congregations to imagine a church for all, what would this look like, how could they commit to making this happen, what one thing could they do. 

    Measurable Outcomes

  • Develop a page on our website where events and resources can be shared across our group.
  • We will review our current engagement with families and have an action plan of how best to use our resources in engaging with families.
  • The Children and Youth Team will develop to oversee the work of the church in interacting with families, children and young people.
  • There will be a supervised crèche on Sundays at St Saviours to ensure that those with babies can still engage with church.
  • We will develop Sunday services that link with Messy Church families and use these Messy Sundays to allow us to reach more people.
  • Sticky relationships - hold regular events for all adults to come and meet C&YP and to commit to regularly praying for and meeting with an individual child or family.

    Agents of Social Transformation


    We will continue to serve our community through Mother’s Union, Brockcare, Wednesday Lunches, Cameo, Busy Badgers, Basics Bank and Street Pastors. We will seek to support and enhance the life of Brockenhurst Primary School and Brockenhurst College. In all of these areas we will be more effective in the use of resources and the deployment of people.

    To make this happen we will:

    We will review how we currently engage with community projects and develop an action plan of how best to use resources in engaging with community, national and international projects

    Develop Sticky Identity – for all to consider how their faith impacts on their daily life and how they want their personal faith and skills to partner with God’s Spirit to engage in our world.

    Consider Sticky Justice – for all to see where there is injustice in our world, what our role in that injustice is and how we can alter our behaviour to ensure justice for all. 

    Engage with Brockenhurst College and Brockenhurst Primary School to seek greater interaction and involvement.

    Support our local Street Pastors.

    Support Brockcare [our pastoral visiting team] and work with other elderly care providers in our village.

    Work on specific practical projects with our link parish in Rwanda.

    Measurable Outcomes

    A written review of our current work in social action and justice issues to be presented to the PCC by summer 2016.
  • Tell stories of people’s engagement with social transformation through what they already do. Actively support people in work through Home groups and a discipleship course.
  • Encourage all church members to engage in at least one justice project in each year to 2018.
  • The C&Y team to produce a written report on the impact of Sticky Identity and Sticky Justice in the lives of the children and young people.
  • Our part time youth worker, Helen Cheeseman, to be supported in role as volunteer chaplain at Brockenhurst College.
  • Pray regularly for our school; staff, governors and children.
  • Work more closely with the Parish Council on creating a Parish Life calendar of events in the village.
  • Identify a new project to work with the Diocese of Kigeme following the visit of Neil and Debbie Smart in January/February 2016.
  • Belonging Together We Will Be Good Stewards.


    We will work hard to ensure that all the different congregations are celebrated and appreciated in our parish life.

    We will seek to continue to adopt a generous heart in giving, increasing those who are involved with the Parish Giving Scheme.

    We will offer good ‘age appropriate’ teaching as well as create opportunities for children and young people to engage with adults in worship and fellowship.

    To make this happen we will:

    Develop our people resources to enable us to continue to deliver our worship and mission.

    Improve our stewardship approach in all our congregations.

    Work harder to maintain the fellowship and cohesion across our congregations within the parish.

    Encourage the C&YP to have more active role in All Age Worship and Café church services: in music, prayer, welcome teams, using their skills to serve the wider community of the church. We will aim to do stuff together.

    Measurable Outcomes

  • We will identify and train those gifted in leading and speaking in church services.
  • Seek to encourage at least 50% of our regular givers into the Parish Giving Scheme.
  • Make a thorough review of our energy footprint by 2017 and instigate yearly stewardship reports to the PCC.
  • Develop a calendar of varied social events to encourage community across our congregations by summer 2016.
  • C&YP will be encouraged to be members of teams serving on Sundays.
  • We will continue to develop the information and displays that connect visitors with the history of Brockenhurst at St Nicholas’ Church.