Youth Work Handbook - Vision for Youth groups

Bright Sparks & Sparklers

Vision - ‘Growing Friends and Followers of Jesus’


  • To introduce and explain faith and salvation through Jesus, through songs, games, stories and craft.

  • To deepen the children’s faith in, knowledge of and personal relationship with Jesus by encouraging good habits eg. bible reading, prayer and spirit led living.

  • To learn to worship God, and the value of worshiping together.

  • For all in the group to feel welcomed, accepted and that they belong.

  • To enjoy our time with one another and encourage friendships.

  • To prepare every session with good teaching material which cover different aspects of the Christian faith.

  • To develop a long term link with the Church family.


  • For the group to grow in our knowledge and love of Jesus.

  • To have lively worship, but also encourage quiet times of worship and reflection.

  • For the children and leaders to develop and deepen our knowledge of the Bible and how to apply it in daily living.

  • To develop and encourage an active prayer life that underpins daily life.

  • For the group to grow in relationship with one another.

  • For the children and adults to share their daily experiences and their walk with Jesus.

  • To encourage our friends to come to Bright Sparks.

  • To use good teaching material, eg. Light from SU.

  • To understand something of our place in God’s worldwide family.


Key Foundations

  • God made all things, he made us and loves us as his beloved children.

  • God’s family is open to all people, everybody matters to God.

  • God’s Kingdom is a safe place where children are valued and cared for.

  • Jesus is our friend and King.

  • Jesus is the Good Shepherd and the Light of the World.

  • Jesus came to bring God’s love and hope to the world.

  • The Holy Spirit brings life to the children of God.

  • The Church is to tell people Good News and be Good News.

  • People find forgiveness and peace when they meet God through Jesus.


  • Pathfinder Vision

    To provide young people, in school years 7-9 with:

    •    The opportunity to meet Jesus and explore the Christian faith.
    •    A group that provides fellowship, worship and support. 
    •    A fun group that they can invite friends to and where they will be encouraged to reach out in mission.

    Blaze Vision


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