Finance Matters

Running a country village church is now a major financial exercise and we are very blessed in Brockanhurst with a community of generous givers who enable our work to thrive despite difficult financial circumstances.

The church will spend about £206,600 this year. Of this 60% will be donations to charities and money given to the diocesan Common Mission Fund to support the work of the broader church. The other 40% is spent on maintenance, salaries and other day-to-day running expenses.

Our income comes from donations, Gift Aid (claimed on donations), collections, fees for weddings and funerals and trading activities such as hiring of the church hall.  Donations, collections and the Gift Aid claimed on these amounts to 85% of our income. This year we originally antipated that income would fall short of expenditure by about £7,000 (3% of expenditure).

To enable our work to continue we need your support.  Most (70%) of our income comes from regular donations and we would encourage you to give in this way if you are able.

Although we are able to accept (and claim Gift Aid) on direct gifts we prefer use of the national Parish Giving Scheme for regular donations. You can find out how this works by visiting the Parish Giving Scheme website. This has details of how to set up a direct debit but the easiest way is to phone the Parish Giving Scheme on 0333 002 1271. The Church Office can provide you with a paper information pack if you prefer and these are also availble in our church buildings

To give through the Parish Giving Scheme you will need our registration details:

  • Our parish name: Brockenhurst
  • Our diocese reference: 5540 (Winchester)
  • Our parish reference number: 416011061.

As a result of the pandemic our 2020 income wil be less than we originally budgeted. Our churches have been closed and we have not been able to hire out the church hall or receive the anticipated level of wedding and funeral fees or collections.  However we have benefitted from the the Government Job Retention Scheme grants which have covered the pay of some staff that had to be furloughed.  So we are in a reasonable financial position. 

If you are able to make a once-off donation you can use our online facility below or send a cheque payable to Brockenhurst PCC to our Church Office address.  Thank you in advance for any gift you are able to make.