Things To Try At Home

Can't think of what to do - try out Reuben's 101 things to do


  • Are you stuck in the house? Are you not able to exercise the way you want to? Why not try learning the actions to these energetic worship songs!
  • Are you looking for something to watch as a family? Why not try one of these fun Bible stories!
  • Are you itching to create something? Look here for inspiration! Or here! Even here!
  • Are you wanting to make something more seasonal? You can find ideas for Easter crafts here and here!
  • Would you like some ideas for games you can play as a family? You can find them here!
  • If you are wanting to take time to explore the Bible as a family we really reccomend the Guardians of Ancora. This is a great resource and will hopefully provide lots of fun.
  • If you are looking for some inspiration for family friendly prayers to help get through this difficult time you can find them here.