Thursday 4th February - Prayer Post

God of all times and places,
as we look out into your world
we see so many different things:
oppression ….

The list goes on,
and on,
and on.

As I gaze out my window today,
I am reminded that what I see
what I experience,
what I hear,
what I feel,
are all dependent on where I am, and who I am.

And, in so many ways
what I see outside my window
depends on whose I am as well.
As your children we strive to experience the world
through your eyes and ears,
loving our neighbours
living in harmony with the earth
hearing your voice of justice and hope.

We have friends and family who are suffering physically,
mentally, and emotionally.
We have new opportunities in life, new jobs, new relationships, homes.
We celebrate with new families and grieve with parents.
We enjoy fellowship and meals.
We ache because there is no one with whom to share our time.
Both near and far our lives are filled with sorrow and hope,
joy and pain, grief and celebration.

But most of all, Abundant God,
we long to be surrounded and uplifted by your presence in all things.
For a moment we pause, we breathe, we wait, we rest in you.

Then, we return to the work of co-creating a world
where you are what we see, what we hear, and what we feel.
Because, O God, you love us, and you call us your own.
Continue to guide, teach, and transform us, we pray.