Spotlight News for 18th April 2021



Sunday 18th April 2021


Year Of The Bible Scripture Readings

This week’s readings are:

Joshua 1: 1 - 18  Joshua succeeds Moses     

Joshua 3: 1 – 4, 24      Crossing the Jordan    

Full details on this collection of readings are available on our website in the Year of the Bible section or

So we have completed The Bible Series now to the all-new The Bible Course. An eight session, online course, prepared by The Bible Society that combines video teaching, group discussion, personal reflection and daily readings. The course provides a birds-eye view of the world’s bestselling book.  The first session will be on Tuesday 20th April at 7pm  and will last 1¼ hours – the course finishes on Tuesday 8th June.  To sign up and for further details contact the Church Office at  


Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) will take place on Wednesday 21st April 7.30pm St Saviour’s

This year’s meeting will be via Zoom, details on our website, as well as ‘live’ in St Saviour’s church, following Covid guidelines.  The Agenda, Review of 2020 also Annual Report and Financial Statements have been sent by email to all on the electoral roll, please check your email account carefully. Paper copies are also available in both churches. 



ANZAC Commemoration Sunday 25th April 3pm St Nicholas’ Churchyard

This year’s Service will be adjusted to reflect the current restrictions.  Numbers will be limited, if you wish to attend please contact Mike Matthews on 624033 or

Please be aware that the road across the level crossing will be closed on this day.


BFG – Brockenhurst Fellowship Group
is moving out of lockdown next Saturday 24th April at 8.30am
We are having a walk in groups of 6 starting from Little Oaks.

Our theme is Worship – What is worship, how do we worship and when do we worship?
(Why worship
 will be discussed on Sunday at the OPEN service)
Come and discuss these questions as you walk.

Anyone is welcome to join us – for more details speak to Sue Moss on 622476.


OPEN – Sunday 25th April at 5pm
Our topic this time is Why Worship?
Please come and join us on Zoom – the link is the normal service link on the front page of the website.  There will be plenty to think about and discuss – if you want the questions in advance please let the Mosses or Pearses know.


Contactless Credit & Debit Card Donations

There is an opportunity to donate by card in St Saviour’s.  Full instructions for payment are on the table by the card reader at the exit.


The Diocese are running several one-off events to help renew and refresh our prayer lives:

Tuesday 20th April 8-9pm - Praying with Stuff

This session is about praying with our whole selves, using everyday objects in various kinds of prayer.

Monday 26th April 8-9pm - Dare to Share (about prayer)

Come and listen, and be listened to (in small groups), as we reflect on our relationship with God and our experience of prayer.

Tuesday 18th May 8-9pm Colours and Doodles

In this session we’ll experiment with the use of colour in reflection and prayer – and we’ll try Bible-doodling.

Tuesday 15th June 8-9pm Prayer Walking

A chance to think about the places and spaces we inhabit, and to intercede creatively for those we live amongst.

Tuesday 13th July 8-9pm Dare to Share

Come and listen, and be listened to (in small groups), as we reflect on our relationship with God and our experience of prayer.


Interesting Intercessions

Thursday 29th April 2- 4.30pm and Friday 14th May 10-12:30pm

An online workshop for those who already lead ‘the prayers of the people’ or who’d like to learn to lead intercessions in church – relevant for both online and offline worship.

Rule of Life Mini Retreats

Tuesday 4th May 2-4.30pm; Thursday 13th May 7.30-9.30pm; Friday 28th May  10am-12.30pm; Monday 7th June 2-4.30pm; Wednesday 16th June 10am-12.30pm

 How might a Rule (or Rhythm of Life) help us to grow and be more fruitful in our relationships with God, with each other, and with the communities we’re part of?

Enquiries to Bookings to




As in previous years, the period between Ascension and Pentecost, 13th -23rd May 2021, will be a time during which we are all encouraged to pray that those we know will enter into a fuller relationship with God and that our efforts to aid this goal will be blessed and guided by God’s Spirit.  

Locally we will be providing a range of resources to support your prayers at this time:

  • A Novena booklet containing a daily psalm, thought and short prayer to offer for each of your five people.  These are available through the Church Office (one per Church Family household)
  • A Journal to allow you to think, pray and make notes about a daily reflection by the Archbishop of York.  These are available through the Church Office (200 copies available)
  • A family activity that is available to younger members of our Church family and those attending our Primary School.

The underlying pattern of prayer from these services used will also be part of our daily on-line prayer accessed through our website.

Should you want to know more, or want to reflect confidentially on how you might pray at this time, please contact John Pearson (


Our Mission of the Month for April is The Jerusalem and the Middle East Church Association (JMECA), for details of their work being done please visit the website.


The Easter Cross made from litter

A big thank you to all who collected litter from the Forest for our Rubbish Cross!  It has attracted much interest from passers-by and hopefully put a good message out there that God cares about how we treat His Creation.

Greener Brockenhurst, our new Community Climate Action Group, is opening a Recycling Shed in the car park of the Village Hall on 19th April.  We are collecting twelve different types of waste currently not collected by NFDC.  Please visit our website at for more detail and start collecting!  We are still looking for more volunteers to help us with the operation, so if you are interested, please contact Milla Pearse or any member of the Eco Church team. (


This Christian Aid Week (10th – 16th May) we continue to battle the injustice of Climate Crisis in many parts of the world especially countries like Kenya.  This year we are asking supporters to give, act and pray.  But, due to Covid restrictions, we are not able to deliver the Christian Aid Week red envelopes to your doors.  We hope that you may still be willing to support the work of Christian Aid by making your donation in one of the following ways.  

In Church donations  -  Red Christian Aid Week envelopes will be available at the back of St. Saviour’s Church from the end of April and these can be returned via our Christian Aid bucket after the 10.30am service at St.Saviour’s either on the 9th or 16th May.

Online donations - via

Telephone donations - 020 7523 2493 to donate by telephone.

Paying directly into Christian Aid’s bank account - For details of how to make a direct bank payment please call 020 7523 2226.

Together we can create a world where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. 


By-Gone Brockenhurst Book Volume 4

If you wish to purchase John Purkess’ By-Gone Brockenhurst Volume 4 book, together with the earlier editions, please contact either Jane Forrest on 624287 or Janet McDonald on 622144.  Books can also be purchased from Streets in Brookley Road.  Books cost £5 each.  All monies raised go towards church funds. 


ECO Church Weekly tip – April’s theme is ‘in the bathroom’

Fit a water efficient shower head (if you’ve got a shower that takes hot water straight from your boiler or hot water tank). This will reduce your hot water usage while retaining the sensation of a powerful shower.



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