Spotlight News for 7th February 2021


Sunday 7th February 2021 

As Covid-19 Lockdown restrictions continue across the country, Simon, the Churchwardens and the Worship Team have met to review current circumstances, Government and Church of England advice and the thoughts and feelings of members of our community. As a result of these discussions and much thought and prayer the difficult decision has been taken to close our church for ‘live’ services with worship continuing only online.


Year Of The Bible Scripture Readings

As part of our Year of the Bible we are highlighting two readings each week.  During the year, these will combine to show the full story of the Bible - from creation to new creation.  This week’s readings are:

Genesis 6:5 – 7:24             The Flood

Genesis 8:1 – 9:17             God’s Covenant with Noah

Full details on this collection of readings is available on our website in the Year of the Bible section or


Lent Programme 2021

Lent is not far away beginning with an online service of Ashing at 7pm 17th February.  On other Wednesdays through Lent there will be a service of Night Prayer at 7pm at which members of our community will be sharing something of how the bible has been a support and encouragement to them.  A full programme of services and others events for Lent can be found on our website.

There will be an online Study Group on Monday evenings through Lent entitled Let Your Light Shine for all who want to explore and deepen their faith in this Lenten season of renewal and growth.

#Live Lent - Let your light shine" is the title of an on-line study course at 7.30pm on Monday evenings during Lent, starting on 22nd February.   Participants should have a booklet (£2.99) which can be ordered from the Church Office or Diane Webster, allowing time for delivery.   

For more information about taking part please contact the Revd Diane Webster or John Pearson


Lent Calendar - Pictures Of God

We are going to produce a Lent website calendar similar to the one we had during Advent. We are looking for an illustration of a Bible verse that describes a characteristic of God. With Easter coming we will leave a picture of the crucifixion until Good Friday and we will finish with a resurrection picture on Easter Sunday. Other pictures that you contribute will be assigned to dates as they arrive.

If you want ideas for titles / characteristics of God please let me know – I have lots! The pictures can be done by you or found - they may be by old masters, contemporary art or not overtly religious. As before the variety is really valuable.

The pictures will be put up in calendar form with a new one becoming available to open each day. Please send me your offerings as soon as they are available – it helps give us time to put them onto the website.  For more information -


Journeying with Jesus this Lent 

What might it mean to Love and Live and Serve with Jesus? How might a Rule (or Rhythm) of Life help us to grow and be more fruitful in our relationships with God, with each other, and with the communities we’re part of? 

The sessions will be held on Zoom, led by the Revd Sally Dakin. 

Take time to reflect on one of these short online retreats: 

Thursday 18th February          7.30-9.30pm 

Tuesday 23rd February           2.00-4.30pm 

Details of March dates to follow 

Each session has: 

Introduction and Prayer (online)       

Time alone (offline)                                        

Plenary and Prayer (online)   

Enquires to 

Bookings to 



The Church of England is here for you - Daily Hope

During this Coronavirus pandemic whatever situation you are in we know that this is a difficult time, so we hope that this free phone line can help bring you God’s comfort and peace.  The Church of England has set up a free phone-line of hymns, reflections and prayers.  The content is updated regularly and there are many different items to listen to all in the comfort of your own home. 

The free phone number is 0800 804 8044. 



Changes in the Parish Office

Following our recruitment process in November & early December we are pleased to announce that Nikki Cullingford will be joining the team as the new Senior Parish Administrator from 2nd March replacing Sharon Dibden who is retiring after many years service.  There will be chance on 28th February during the 10.30am Worship Service to celebrate and thank Sharon.  Further information to follow.


The mission of the month is SAT-7.  It was good to have Dave Mann with us last Sunday to hear about the work of SAT-7 - you can view his sermon on our website.  Dave has sent us information about additional ways that we can support this work - this can also be found on our website under the Church Life/Mission section.


Online Prayers - Moving on

For most of the last year Debbie Smith has taken the lead on the daily prayers on the church website. She has done a wonderful job and we wish her all the best as she moves onto a new church.

John Pearson and I will now take the lead on our website resources for prayer. We would be delighted to share the workload with anyone else on a regular or occasional basis.

We plan to continue with regular Spotlight prayers on Sundays, a Prayer Prompt for the week on Mondays and some extra pictures and poems will be Posted on an intermittent basis. All these items will be available for a week under the section heading - Online Prayer and will then be stored under Daily Prayers. We will also develop a Prayer Resource for particular occasions. Please take a look at this section of the website and let us know what you think. Sue Moss


Brockcare's Coronavirus Team and our many wonderful volunteers across the village are on 'stand-by' to offer help once again as restrictions are in force as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. These are worrying times for the elderly and vulnerable especially, and for those who may have to self-isolate. If you hear of anyone in our village who may need help with shopping etc. please ask them to phone the Church Office on 624584.


Brockcare – If you hear of anyone in the village who is sick, elderly, lonely or bereaved and who might welcome a visit from one of our Pastoral Visitors, please contact Sharon Dibden in the Church Office on 624584.


A prayer for those affected by the current Coronavirus pandemic

God of compassion, be close to those who are ill, afraid or in isolation. In their loneliness, be their consolation; in their anxiety, be their hope; in their darkness, be their light; through him who suffered alone on the cross, but reigns with you in glory, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.