Vicar's Letter February 2020

Brockenhurst Parish Mag – February 2020

Dear Friend’s

A Vicar friend of mine has a parishioner called Godfrey.  Godfrey is from a country in Africa - he had to flee this country leaving behind a wife and child when out of Christian conscience he criticized the ruling government.  To retaliate the government withdrew the wife’s license to work.  Godfrey tried his best to send money home, but he earned so little over here that he could barely support himself let alone his family.


The church he worshipped at did its best to help.  My friend the vicar even wrote a reference to a charity that might be able to help. 


One day Godfrey turned up at my friend’s vicarage with a brown envelope - it contained £150.  He’d received a cheque for £1500 from the charity.


Godfrey gave a generous gift he could barely afford because he knew it was a way of thanking God - of pleasing God - for the gift given to him, or as C.S. Lewis writes, ‘Biblical charity is more than giving away that which we can afford to do without anyway.’


God gave generously of his only Son; Jesus gave generously of himself; Godfrey gave generously of all that he had - our giving should be similarly costly and not just of our lose change or fag end of our time or talents, because such costly giving is pleasing to God (it’s a reflection of how he himself gives to us), and because such generous giving changes lives – ours as well as others.


How might God be calling us to give generously in support of the work He wants done in this place?


The first three weeks of February 2020 have been set aside for us to reflect on, and respond to, that question.  If you attend church in Brockenhurst you should be receiving a Stewardship Pack to help you think and pray through what your response might be.  If you don’t go to church it’s still a valid and good question to reflect upon – how might the way in which your giving of time, talents and financial resources transform the life of this community, and communities further afield, for the better?


Thank you for all that you have given to Brockenhurst Parish and in the service of this wonderful community in so many different ways over the years.  Your time, your talents, and your energy, as well as your financial giving all play an important part in seeing lives changed and improved for the better and helping to make this such a special place to live – may it long continue!

Yours in Christ