Vicar's Letter for November 2020

Dear Friends,

As I write this letter Boris has not long ago tightened the restrictions associated with inhibiting the spread of Covid-19 and as Autumn and Winter approach many of us are no doubt feeling our anxiety levels rise as we wonder what the next few months may hold in store for us and for those we love.  Throughout this last year there has been a constant stream of news headlines reporting the suffering and loss of life all over the globe – and not just from Covid-19, but also from bush fires, plane crashes, explosions, war – the list goes on!

Such headlines make us realise how fragile life is – although many of us do not need the headlines to tell us that!  In our own lives we have had to see those close to us suffer with disease, loss, bereavement and death.

Such suffering leads many to question where God is in all of this.

The Bible makes this plain.  Nowhere are we promised that God will make life easier or better or less painful, but rather that he will be with us to offer strength, support and comfort.  The promise made most often by God throughout the bible is this one, ‘Do not be afraid.  I will be with you.’

This was part of the reason Christ came to earth in the first place – to be Immanuel – God with us in our pain and suffering.  We believe in a God who does not stand far off from people in their pain and need, but rather becomes intimately involved even to the point of suffering himself on a cross for those he loves.

But the cross was not the end of the story.  Yes Christ’s life and death show us a God who is with us in our suffering – but his resurrection and ascension also show us that suffering and death are not the end.

I love those words that Jesus said to Martha when comforting her after the death of her brother Lazarus, ‘I am the resurrection and the life.  Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.  Do you believe this?’ (John 11: 25,26). 

Do you believe this? 

On Sunday 1st November  at 3pm at St Saviour’s we have a service where we have an opportunity to remember those that we love but see no longer because of their death.  It is a time to thank God for their lives and to also remember that, for those who believe in Christ, death is not the end.

Why not come and join us to discover something of why we believe in a man who said that he was the resurrection and the life and that we can believe in him and in his promises.


Yours in Christ,